Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

Visit our store in Rochester, MN to purchase prescription sunglasses

Not only does Optical Vision W/ Flair in Rochester, MN sell reading glasses and glasses for everyday use, but we also carry designer prescription sunglasses. We can add transition lenses to any of our stylish frames, giving you plenty of styles, colors and brands to choose from.

Our need for specialty eyewear doesn't go away when we step outside. If you wear prescription glasses indoors, you should also wear prescription sunglasses outdoors. Visit us today to pick out a stylish pair.

Top 3 benefits of wearing prescription sunglasses

Whether you're shopping for transition lenses or prescription sunglasses, Optical Vision W/ Flair has everything you're looking for. Wearing sunglasses can help you:

  1. Prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes
  2. Keep dust and debris out of your eyes
  3. See clearly even when the sun is beating down on you

You can expect a turnaround time of five to seven days to receive your sunglasses.