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Whether your kid is a total bundle of energy or they're perfectly happy sitting down and reading, protecting their eyes is important. Children who engage in sports may be at greater risk of scratching their corneas with sand or suffering UV damage. On the other hand, active readers who don't have the right pair of kids' glasses may end up straining their eyes.

Optical Vision W/ Flair in Rochester, MN has plenty of children's glasses in stock, including bifocals, blue light glasses, lightweight glasses and anti-glare glasses. We make it easy to find a great pair of glasses for every kid.

Why choose Optical Vision W/ Flair?

When shopping for kids' glasses, Optical Vision W/ Flair should be the first store you visit. This is because:

  • We carry a wide range of brands, colors and styles that appeal to kids
  • All our glasses are made with high-quality materials and will last a long time
  • We have options for children of all ages

Stop by today to check out our wide selection of stylish and competitively priced children's glasses.